Quality Assurance


Quality Assurance Methodology

Our responsibility… our commitment…is to make sure the products we produce for you are the highest quality possible.

Our Quality Assurance Program involves the following seven components:

1. Strict vendor qualification program that includes facility audits and screening by a cGMP questionnaire.

2. Ingredient analysis and material testing to ensure specifications compliance for purity, activity and physical characteristics.

3. In-process testing of all products during the manufacturing process to guarantee specification uniformity.

4. Finished-product testing – including physical and chemical analyses, as well as microbiological and stability testing – ensuring safety, purity and activity levels, and guaranteeing that your products meet all quality specifications and that they are below the CA Prop 65 legal limit for heavy metals (arsenic, cadmium, lead and mercury).

5. Document control ensures both that our quality program and test results are thoroughly documented, as well as the traceability of every ingredient used in all products.

6. Record retention assuring all production and testing records are archived for several years.

7. Regular quality audits, including independent audits by licensing and certifying agencies, as well as our own routine internal audits of procedures and processes to guarantee organizational compliance.

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