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Our administrative staff is known for excellence in providing customer service... being proactive and interactive in communicating with you throughout each step of your project. We have a dedicated outside sales staff, in addition to our inside sales department, ready to assist you with inquiries, orders and quotes. Basic quotes can be returned in two business days.


Our Manufacturing and Production departments have more than a century of combined experience in the development of nutritional supplements. Obviously, that is essential when it comes to manufacturing your products. But it is also a tremendous competitive advantage for you as you move from concept to production. Our experienced manufacturing staff is a resource you can draw on to make sure your products will be manufactured to the levels of quality and pricing that will assure your success in the marketplace.

Research & Development

At EPI, Research and Development is the starting point for the products we develop for you. We support your product development with a comprehensive knowledge base, gained from published research as well as our own clinical trials. EPI’s Research and Development team offers you the scale, portfolio, talent and capabilities that unlocks new opportunities and answers.

Quality Assurance

Quality is our most important ingredient. Our dedicated team of Quality Assurance and Quality Control technicians makes sure your products meet or exceed all relevant standards for Federal and State regulatory compliance.


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